The KnightCrawlers LIVE in Ramsey, NJ

The band performed a 90-minute set at the Borough of Ramsey’s Independence Day Celebration on Sunday, July 7, 2019. Click the button below to listen to the band’s performance as it was captured LIVE from the mixing board. Enjoy!


Sep 14, 2019

9:00 p.m.

The Dog House Saloon & Grill, Twp. of Washington, NJ

Join The KnightCrawlers as they kick off their 2019 – 20 "Gig Year" at The Dog House! Come experience the "mile-high" food offerings that consistently places The Dog House on the list of Bergen County's BEST "pub grub"!

Sep 21, 2019

Benefit for the Lodi Mooose Lodge

Lodi-bred rockstar, Ron Damato, returns to his hometown in support of one his favorite charitable organizations. Click the More Info button at right for tickets and contact information.

Oct 05, 2019

1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

2nd Annual Food Truck Festival – Hosted by the Ramsey PBA

Come support the band and the Ramsey PBA as they host their Second Annual Food Truck Festival. Proceeds to benefit Frankie Reganato and family. The event will take place at Finch Park, located at Island Road and Gertzen Plaza, Ramsey, NJ. The Festival gets underway at noon and ends at 6 p.m. The KnightCrawlers will be performing from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Admission is $5 and children under 5 are free. There will be 8+ food trucks on hand and entertainment for adults and children alike. For additional information, please contact the Ramsey Police Department directly at (201) 327-2400.

Nov 16, 2019

9:30 p.m.

The Mason Jar, Mahwah, NJ

Come join the fun as the band celebrates Ron's Birthday at The Mason Jar! Ron's Birthday gigs have historically been a blast (mostly because people buy him drinks all night!) with a special energy and excitement. The band has some new music ready to go and a lot songs to get you up and out of your seats! If you have a party of five or more, please make reservations by calling 201-529-2302

Dec 06, 2019

9:00 p.m.

The Twin Door Tavern, Maywood, NJ

A rare FRIDAY NIGHT appearance!

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RON DAMATO Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar / Harmonica

After being chased for years by women who thought he was Johnny Depp, Ron decided to cut his hair and join a Rock and Roll band. Quite remarkably, they still chase him (ah, the power of fronting a Rock and Roll band). Ron’s unique showmanship is surpassed only by his ever-changing guitar and amp collection. And what’s truly amazing is Ron never plays the same guitar once, let alone twice! Member since 2006.

PAULA NEWMAN Lead Vocals / Percussion

Hailing from the ”other side” of Bergen County, Paula is ”the new guy” (er... gal) in the band. While she never met a microphone that she didn’t like, Paula has found singing to be a solution to her mid-life crisis (and she hasn’t even hit her mid-life yet!). Paula’s vocal range has added a new dynamic to the band – opening up some exciting new possibilities into previously unchartered musical waters. Member since 2014.

MARK SCALA Lead Guitar / Vocals

Mark prides himself on being taller than both Angus Young of AC/DC and Jon Anderson of Yes, and is equally happy he’s younger than both. Although “altitudinally challenged”, Mark‘s guitar tone makes him sound larger than life. Mark cites his early musical influences as ”anything you couldn’t possibly dance to.“ When The KnightCrawlers are offered a gig, Mark’s usual reply is, ”just tell me where to stand.“ Member since 2006.

DIRK VUIST Bass Guitar / Vocals

”Diggler”. Many of you first learned of Dirk‘s big talent in the movie ”Boogie Nights”. Since then, Dirk has settled down, raised a family and learned to play bass guitar. And just like everything else, one word describes his thumping bass – BIG!! When Dirk isn’t slapping those steel strings, he’s twisting metal with his bare hands! A word of warning: If you tell Dirk his bass is too loud, he’ll gladly turn it up for you. Member since 2006.

ALEX STECYNA Keyboards / Vocals

Alex has a last name even his bandmates can’t pronounce. He can usually be seen hopping like a crazed mad man singing Ramones songs at the end of the night. Alex would love to own a real Hammond B3 Organ, but would rather have a healthy back instead (you need a fork lift to move them!) Alex's favorite quote in rehearsal is ”I think we should do it one more time”, to which the band replies in unison ”NO!” Member since 2006.

STEVE DUVA Drums ( just drums... you don’t want to hear him sing )

Steve plays drum with the thunder of John Bonham and intensity of Alex Van Halen – chewing up three pairs of drumsticks a night, while his bandmates go through three pairs of ear plugs! Steve is the ”senior” member of the band – not that he's old, but he got his first drums when Lincoln was President. Ba-dum-bum. Steve attended the famed Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp in 2006 and 2008, where he played with some of the biggest names in rock history. When asked if he learned anything new, he replied, “no, but I taught them a few things”. Member since 2006.

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